Recapping the #100DayChallenge – Part 1

For my #100DayChallenge this summer, I’ve decided to split content creation into 4 parts.

For the first 25 days, I focused on publishing 1 blog post per day. It didn’t matter how exhausted I was from a day of work or getting home late from hanging out with friends—I had to publish before the clock struck midnight!

It was challenging, and tiring at times, but this exercise has challenged me to translate my thoughts more efficiently and focus on the key points. It also forced me to overcome my analysis paralysis and sitting on a piece of content for too long, thinking it through too thoroughly. This made writing more enjoyable, although I had to sacrifice the urge to post at “ideal times” throughout the day.

Looking forward to switching it up for the next 25 days… Stay tuned!

In case you missed it…