Day 20: Thanks For Being A Dad

Happy Father’s Day!

Today, I wrote a poem for my Dad 😅

I am ultimately glad
For an awesome Dad

A Dad who calls home
Several times a day
Checking in on us
From June to May

A Dad who keeps us fed
As the best cook in the world
And pushed us on our sleds
Back when I was a girl

A Dad who showed us
That a husband and wife
Share housework and chores
Equally through life

A Dad with street smarts
Though not a degree
Yet still the most clever
Man to me

A Dad that whistles
Silly tunes and jingles
Has a Chinese accent
And is multilingual*

A Dad that jokes
And laughs and cries
Who gave us a childhood
Full of bright blue skies

A Dad that is always
There for me
Even through the times
That we disagree

Thanks for being A Dad
That held my hand in a crowd
I can only hope
That I will make you proud.

Thanks for reading my little poem 🙂

*Fun Fact: My Dad speaks Teochew, Mandarin, Cantonese Vietnamese, English