About Me // Karen K. Ngo

My passion for blogging started when I had my own food blog 🍣 in high school and reviewed the different restaurants I visited on my limited student budget. Somehow, other things fell onto my plate (both literally and figuratively) 😒 and I prioritized those activities instead. Although I regret discontinuing my food blog, I started blogging again in 2017 with a different topic in mind.

The catalyst πŸ’₯ for inspiration came from many friends who asked me how I got the opportunities to meet with senior managers and executives for career advice, and what I learned from them πŸ’­ I decided to share my learnings and perspectives with you right here⁠—because there is no use in keeping it to myself when I can help others with this information that I find relevant and inspirational 🌱

Eventually, I introduced a free Resume Rescue service after receiving many requests to help people with their resumes πŸ“ Surprisingly, this gained traction around the world purely through word of mouth referrals 🌎 To date, I’ve edited 125+ resumes from Brazil, France, Philippines, and more!

My goal is to inspire others the way I’ve been inspired and pay it forward because I know I wouldn’t be here today if other people didn’t share their experiences and lessons with me πŸ™Œ I hope that you find at least one thing that is helpful or gives you something to think about while exploring #kkarenism.

Feel free to share your feedback (positive or constructive) below!

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