Resume Rescue

Job Hunting?

If you’re looking for a new opportunity and want a free and confidential second opinion on your resume, I’m happy to support you! To date, I have gained a lot of experience and advice in this area from my own mentors/advisors and from reviewing hundreds of resumes for hiring managers. I have also edited 100+ resumes around the world for people in all types of positions and seniority levels—over 60% of these people are now employed. Furthermore, I’ve successfully referred people into corporate positions (PwC, TekSystems, etc…) based on their skill sets and experiences.

To get started, please complete the following:

  1. Read the Top 3 Ways To Rescue Your Resume article and try your best to make some updates
  2. Submit your name, email, resume link, and comments below
  3. Convert your resume into a Google Doc *grant me edit access*
  4. Share your Google Doc with

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