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I have helped 120+ students and professionals of all positions and seniority levels around the world—over 60% of these people are now employed. If you’re looking for a new opportunity and want a second opinion on your resume, I’m here to give you valuable feedback to increase your chances at landing a job. To date, I have gained a lot of experience and advice in this area from my own mentors and advisors, and from reviewing hundreds of resumes for hiring managers in several industries. Furthermore, I’ve successfully referred people into corporate positions (PwC, TekSystems, etc…) based on their skill sets and experiences, so I can offer additional advice to support your career success.

Testimonial: “Thank you for getting back to me on my resume again though, I really appreciate all the feedback and advice! It’s been incredibly helpful – I’ve actually accepted a Software Engineering offer with Garmin, and also ended up getting an offer from Amazon after as well!” – R.S.

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