Here’s what I really think about your resume!

To date, I have personally helped 180+ people around the world through Resume Rescue. The best part about putting my time into this hobby is hearing when people have landed interviews and even their dream jobs because of my help!

I must say that I’ve seen a lot of different resumes over the years. Some are great, and others are very interesting! Earlier this year, I started doing Resume Rescue Live Reviews on TikTok to help people understand my thought process when reviewing resumes.

Today, I am highlighting them on my blog #ICYMI… so check them out! Also, these are low-key kinda embarrassing, but oh well (it is for the greater good of resumes) 😅😅😅

Please note that all names are fictitious and details have been anonymized and generalized.

Kim Possible (Comp Sci Student)

Tony Stark (Comp Sci Student)

Jennifer Aniston (Recent Business Grad)

Mary Jane Walker (HR Professional)

Alice Wonderland (Recent Business Grad with Restaurant Server Experience)

Jane Doe (Software Engineering Student)

Sally Girly (Business Student)

Victor Singsalot (Recent Business Grad)

Juliana Bridgette Jones (Accountant)

Joey Chung (Hong Kong Professional)

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Hope you found these Resume Rescue Live Reviews helpful and good luck 🔥 I plan to do more of these soon so make sure you follow my TikTok if you want to see them!

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