5 Things to Remove From Your Resume

It is critical to treat the space on your resume like gold—you don’t want to waste it on anything that will take away from the narrative that tells the recruiter or hiring manager why you are the best candidate for the job.

Below are 5 line items to remove from your resume so that you can make room for more impactful points.

1. Your Home Address

Addresses used to be included on resumes back when we had to do a lot more mailing for physical paperwork. Thanks to technology, we can now use our email addresses for communications and paperwork. You can replace your home address with a link to your website or LinkedIn profile instead.

2. Your Objective

Let’s be real… the reason why you’re submitting your resume is to get that job that you applied for! Obviously you are interested in the company and position, so including a wordy objective on your resume is redundant. Save that space for more important highlights about your skills and experiences that show how you are the perfect candidate instead.

3. Acronyms

Even within the same company, acronyms can stand for different things across the organization. Furthermore, recruiters may not be as familiar with some of the more technical or specific acronyms that you use and may end up confusing them with other terms that they know. To play it safe, avoid using acronyms that are not universally recognized (Note: credentials like MBA, CPA, CFA are fine).

4. Old & Irrelevant Experience

Given how fast the world of business and technology changes, you only want to show your most recent, relevant, and current experiences. Usually, I recommend keeping the most recent 5 years of experience and then adjusting that based on the job qualifications as you progress in your career. You also want to make sure that every bullet point on your resume speaks to a particular part of the job description that you are applying for. Otherwise, remove the bullet point or replace it with something that uses related keywords.

5. References available upon request

This line is redundant because the recruiter or hiring manager will notify you later in the process if they need references. When you apply for the job, it is assumed that you will be able to provide references in order to prove your credibility, so save this space for something more important instead.

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