Day 70: What It’s Like Creating TikToks vs. Blog Posts

For the past 45 days, I ventured into the world of TikTok as part of my 100 Day Challenge. I also just reached the 200 followers milestone (not much, but still something)!

Why TikTok?

I wanted to break outside of my content creation comfort zone. I was used to writing blog posts, but rarely went in front of the camera. I created a few vlogs while I studied abroad in Singapore in 2019, but haven’t done much since. However, I’ve been a big fan of TikTok because of its bite sized content that was easy to consume. Hence, I decided to try creating TikToks! This was also a good opportunity for me to practice talking without a script (since I received constructive feedback that I need to deliver my talks more naturally).

What Have I Learned So Far?

It’s actually not as bad as I thought…

As a beginner, TikTok made it super easy for me to create videos. It took a few tries to figure out the captions and text, but overall it has my stamp of approval for being boomer friendly. Once I got over the fear of hearing myself being recorded, I found that it was actually FUN to create TikToks!

In the first few days, I had a mini script. However, as I got more comfortable talking to my phone screen, I decided to just speak from my mind. It took a few tries, but the goal was progress not perfection. 45 or so TikToks later, I am really keen to continue creating more! I have a lot of ideas swirling through my mind… and I’m going to start with reproducing my blog posts into TikToks.

Takes more time, thought, and detail to put togetherQuicker to create because I can (literally) speak my mind
I need my laptop to think and write (usually at home)I just need my phone and can create anywhere (even on vacay)
The volume of views really depends on the topics that I write aboutI average about 150 views for each TikTok that I create
More pressure and attention to detail on what I sayLess pressure and more focus on how I say things
Enjoyable – I love reading and writingFun – I love being myself and being creative

What’s Next?

I am aware that my TikToks aren’t the best quality at the moment. My AirPod Pros aren’t the best for sound, and my lighting could be better… I might look into getting a mic, better lighting, and setting up a proper back drop so that my TikToks look more consistent.

There’s still a lot to explore, so I am excited to continue creating more TikToks to help others! Let’s try to get to 1K+ followers by the end of 2021 😁