This One thing Keeps Me Energized Every Single day

These days, work is extremely busy and overwhelming! There are so many meetings to run to and from, so many people to follow up with, and so many emails to read. Simply put, there is so much of everything to keep up with.

Yet, despite this busy-ness, I usually find myself very motivated after doing this one thing (and no it isn’t bubble tea and sushi)… which is meeting new people!

As someone who doesn’t drink any coffee, I find it ironic how many coffee chats I have in a day.

Since remote work has started, I’ve definitely missed those coffee breaks, water cooler chats, and lunch outings. To make up for the absence of these activities in my workday, I set up a LOT of virtual coffee chats.

In the past year, I’ve had 150+ coffee chats and they have been such great mini breaks throughout the workday. Of course, this may only work because I am super extroverted and feed off the energy that each new interaction brings.

I love meeting new people because I love hearing about their experiences. From interns to executives, every meeting is an opportunity for me to learn something new!

That’s it for today, but I look forward to exploring this topic in future blog posts!

Quote of the Day

We all begin as strangers.


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