Time Management Tips for 2023: How to Organize Your Calendar for the New Year

Welcome to 2023 🎉 I hope that you had a fun holiday break… I know I did!

Now, you’re probably thinking about new years resolutions and what you want to accomplish for the year ahead. Today, I am sharing some time management tips for you to organize your life in 2023 and get ahead of all the craziness that’s to come so that you can stress less while achieving more.

Step 1: Block off your time

Go into your calendar app and block off time for the events that you’re already aware of (even if they’re still tentative):

  • Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries
  • Stat holidays, vacations
  • Concerts, festivals, events
  • Busy seasons at work, conferences that you want to attend, etc

Step 2: Set reminders

Time flies before you know it… If you want to go to Disneyland in the Fall or back home for the holidays, set reminders to book your flights and hotel packages at least 3-6 months in advance. Follow travel sites or apps like Scott’s Cheap Flights or Hopper to get notifications for flight deals.

P.S. I usually set up multiple reminders because I am a forgetful person!

Step 3: Share your plans

If you’ve always wanted to plan a group vacation, start that group chat now and start chatting about dates and logistics. These things take a lot of time and coordination, so the earlier you get these conversations going, the sooner you can lock in those plans with your friends and family!

Once you’ve identified the dates you need to take off work, let your manager know in advance and then mark those out-of-office dates in your work calendar. This way, you have “dibs” on these dates and your manager can plan around and delegate work if there are any projects that come up on the team.

Step 4: Set up personal milestones and deadlines

Give yourself specific deadlines for your goals instead of thinking that you have until December 31st to achieve them all. For example, if you want to get a promotion then mark a date in the calendar that you want to achieve this by (tip: try to line this up with your company’s promotion cycle).

This exercise helps you load balance throughout the year. If you find that September is starting to become too busy with work and personal goals, then you can move around your personal deadlines to prevent yourself from burning out.

Step 5: Follow these other time management tips

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