Listen to my podcast episode!

Hello, I am excited to share some cool news… I have been featured on a podcast!

When it first came out, I was already a fan of the UPWARDS podcast sponsored by the Microsoft Aspire Experience. Imagine my delightful surprise when Jake messaged me on Microsoft Teams asking if I was interested… Obviously, I said heck yes!

Fast forward a couple months later, and I was interviewed by Aspire alumni, Jake Hughson and Jay Li, who are the two awesome hosts on this podcast. They both have phenomenal public speaking skills that I hope to build one day.

In this 31-minute episode, you will hear:

  • Some of my learnings from 200+ career conversations with Microsoft employees around the world
  • What it’s like to run a career blog that has reached thousands of readers from 78+ countries
  • How I stay motivated and passionate when times get tough

Listen to “Grow 1% Everyday by Doing What Scares You

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Thank you to Jake & Jay and the Microsoft Aspire Experience team for having me be a part of this initiative! Make sure you all check out the rest of the insightful episodes with even cooler guest speakers 👀

My personal philosophy is growing 1% everyday through finding inspiration to share with the world.

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