3 Unique Ways to Find Your Next Job (Part 2)

Job hunting can be a painful process. I get it. Hitting that “Apply” button isn’t so fun when you’re doing it for the 99th time. It’s even less fun when you’re getting rejected or worse—ghosted 👻

Here’s what you can do about it: switch things up. Go about your job hunting journey differently from the rest of the competitive crowd. Oh, and go ahead and read Part 1: attending industry events and conferences before continuing.

Talk to recruiters and hiring managers

How nice would it be if you could find out who the hiring manager or a recruiter is for a job posting that you’re interested in? Or what if you could talk to someone on that team and learn more about a day in the life?

This is where my Career Community LinkedIn page comes in handy… It’s where I re-share hiring posts and alerts directly from managers, recruiters, and teammates. As a bonus, I also re-share any great job hunting or career tips that I come across 🙌

How to take advantage of this free job hunting resource

  1. Follow The Career Community on LinkedIn
  2. Browse through it for job opportunities (I recommend checking this regularly because I am sharing real-time updates nearly everyday)
  3. Find a job you’re interested in and see who the original post came from
  4. Like their post (this gives them a notification)
  5. Apply for the job (this shows you’re serious about the job which will make the hiring manager or recruiter more likely to want to meet with you)
  6. Personalize your invite when connecting on LinkedIn (use my starter template below)
  7. Set up a coffee chat (or ask questions via email/chat)
  8. Impress them with a career walking deck (free template here)
  9. Follow up with a great thank you email expressing your excitement for the opportunity
  10. Fine tune your career walking deck based on the coffee chat to prep for the interview

Starter Template for Personalized LinkedIn Connection Request

Hi XX, I applied for the [position title] role & would love to learn more. Are you open to chatting about your expectations for the role & hearing how I plan to add value to your team with my [unique skill/experience]? Please LMK if [timeslot 1] or [timeslot 2] work for you. Thanks!

283 character count (max for personalized linkedin invite is 300)

Sounds easy, but I know it’s not! You may face rejection here and there, but here’s how you overcome it. Keep trying, learning, and remembering to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to job hunting.

While you wait for Part 3 👀

The Career Community is where I reshare hiring posts from managers and recruiters.

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