Here’s a tried and true way to stand out in your next job interview

It’s a competitive job market out there, folks! More people are applying for fewer jobs, and it seems like the odds are against us.

Here’s one thing you need to do to stand out… This is a tried and true method. It worked for me, and it worked for other people that I’ve helped through #kkarenism!

💎 Create a career walking deck

From what I am observing, this is still a pretty new concept and not very many people do it… yet! When I interviewed for my current role (Communications Manager) back in 2021, I had no professional Comms/PR experience and was up against internal and external candidates who were later in their careers and more experienced.

My manager told me that I was the only candidate who prepared a career walking deck, and it stood out to him! Of course, having a career walking deck is not the only deciding factor, but it can definitely help you prepare for the interview and make it more engaging for the recruiter and hiring manager.

What’s a career walking deck?

I first learned about this concept through career conversations with managers and employees across Microsoft. It’s your elevator pitch in a short presentation format that introduces yourself more personally. Learn more: What’s a Career Walking Deck & Why You Need It and 3 Reasons Why Every Job Seeker Needs a Career Walking Deck.

Who should create a career walking deck?

Everyone! This job hunting asset complements your resume and is way more captivating than a cover letter (IMHO). Hiring managers can use it to learn more about you and your personal/professional brand. Read: How to Build a Career Walking Deck That Impresses Hiring Managers

When should you use your career walking deck?

You can use it in an interview to answer questions like:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job?
  • What are your goals and aspirations?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You can also consolidate your career walking deck into a 1 pager and use it in coffee chats to introduce yourself and break the ice. See my My Career Walking Deck (Example).

How do you get started?

Check out these beginner resources: