50 Resume Tips to Land Your Next Job

For those of you who have been following me on LinkedIn, you may be aware that I am celebrating 200+ resumes rescued by sharing 200 days of resume + job hunting tips (from myself and others).

#ICYMI, I am summarizing and linking to the 50 posts so far for those of you who prefer to consume everything all at once.

  1. Delete your address (why it’s no longer needed)
  2. Live Review of an International Resume (watch me share feedback on an actual resume)
  3. Trim each bullet point down to 1 line (this is so important)
  4. Start every bullet point with a strong action verb (examples of words you should use)
  5. Be specific about your accomplishments (repost)
  6. Go with a 1-column resume template (a Microsoft recruiter commented that she agrees!)
  7. Use consistent font sizes and formats (see my recommendations)
  8. Move your name and contact details to the Header of your document (a great space saving tip)
  9. Do not include “References available upon request” (I explain why)
  10. 5 Tips from Analyzing 125,000+ resumes (repost)
  11. Live Review of an Accounting Resume (watch me share feedback on an actual resume)
  12. 16 Harvard Resume Tips (repost)
  13. Put your resume through ChatGPT (repost)
  14. Live Review of a Business Student Resume (watch me share feedback on an actual resume)
  15. Choosing between serif vs. sans serif font (how the type of font can reflect your personal brand)
  16. Don’t include your photo (it’s not necessary in North America)
  17. Create a custom LinkedIn URL (so it looks nicer when you share it on your resume)
  18. Treat every word and line like gold (ex: no filler words like “successfully”)
  19. Never over embellish or lie (how to pass the stress test)
  20. Bring your results to the beginning of your bullets
  21. Use BingAI to help create your resume (repost)
  22. List of resources for resumes, LinkedIn, networking, and interview prep (repost)
  23. 5 things that your resume actually needs (repost)
  24. How to use Teal’s Resume Builder with AI features (repost)
  25. How many bullets you should have on a resume (my recommendation)
  26. LinkedIn Live: What you need to know about building resumes (repost)
  27. How to tailor your resume the old fashion way (and why it helps you prepare for interviews)
  28. When to keep or delete a bullet point on your resume (my tip for deciding)
  29. 3 templates for achievement-focused resume bullets (repost)
  30. What’s the difference between a resume vs. LinkedIn vs. career walking deck? (a simple breakdown)
  31. 2 common resume mistakes (repost)
  32. 3 simple resume changes to recession proof your career (Forbes article)
  33. Microsoft Word built-in resume templates (repost)
  34. What recruiters and hiring managers do NOT recommend putting on your resume (repost)
  35. How to adapt your resume to each specific role (repost)
  36. How to choose a font wisely for your resume (repost)
  37. Should you include interests and hobbies? (my guidance)
  38. 5 Hard Truths: The real cost of using a generic resume in your job hunt (repost)
  39. What should you save your resume file name as (repost)
  40. 11 common errors on a resume (repost)
  41. Watch out for verb tense consistency (what I recommend)
  42. Putting your years of experience on a resume (repost)
  43. 5 tips for perfecting the female executive resume (repost)
  44. 8 resume concerns that stand out (repost)
  45. Why you’re not hearing back after submitting your resume (repost)
  46. How to use ChatGPT to write a resume (repost)
  47. How to enhance your resume effectiveness (repost)
  48. Ultimate Resume Hack (repost)
  49. Should you save your resume as a PDF or docx? (my recommendation)
  50. Check out Resume Rescue for more 👀

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