Microsoft Aspire: What You Need to Know About Joining Microsoft as a New Grad

Applications are officially out for the Microsoft Aspire program for undergraduate and MBA new grads! Please visit to view the available postings. Start dates will be for July 2022.

Tip: The sooner you apply, the better because recruiters may make changes to hold interview events earlier on in the year. You can learn more about the expected (subject to changes) recruitment timeline here.

In Canada, we have the following Aspire opportunities available for new grads:

Undergraduate Aspire PostingsMBA Aspire Postings
Customer & Support EngineeringMarketing
Customer Success – Cloud Solution ArchitectsCustomer Success Account Management
Sales and Technology SalesSales
Consulting ServicesConsulting Services

Helpful Resources

Here are some blog posts to check out as you consider applying to Microsoft:

  1. Microsoft Aspire 101 (what is an Aspire, recruitment process/timeline, why join Microsoft, how to get started)
  2. Applying to Microsoft (tips and best practices on how to prepare and stand out)
  3. MSFT Advocate (more blog posts on my personal experiences at Microsoft + study guides for the certifications)

You can always leverage Resume Rescue which has helped over 135+ people around the world. Best of luck!