Is it wise to move to a different country for your career?

From having hundreds of career conversations, it’s clear that international experience gives you an edge and perspective that is quite unmatched.

Many—if not all—of the C-suite executives and senior leaders that I’ve met have worked abroad and no one has regretted it… The ones who seized these opportunities told me they’d do it again in a heartbeat if they didn’t have mortgages, family commitments, or other adulting things to prioritize! Others regretted not taking the leap when they had the chance and hope to find an opportunity one day.

Without realizing it, you’re oftentimes too immersed in the bubble of the society that you grew up in. Going abroad and forcing yourself to adapt to a completely new environment helps you pop that comfort bubble and understand how people and businesses actually work in different cultures and contexts.

Not only will you develop career skills that are pivotal to running an organization effectively, you will also learn so much about yourself and develop a deep level of empathy and cultural awareness that travelling can’t really give you.

However, it’s not easy! The logistics can be an absolute nightmare and the beginning of the journey will be stressful and frustrating. You’ll feel lost and overwhelmed for a while, but you’ll eventually get to a point where you feel like this is what you were meant to experience in your life.

You’ll thrive as you fully immerse yourself into a new life in a new country while learning new things about yourself every. single. day. You’ll come to recognize and reflect on the intricacies of people, business, and society—both the good and bad. You’ll miss your people and comforts back home while exploring new relationships and interesting opportunities.

It’s crazy, chaotic, and challenging… but it will be a life & career changing experience that will both humble and elevate your perspective of the world and of yourself.

TLDR & IMHO: Go for the opportunity, especially when you have the freedom to do so. You can read about my experiences abroad below: