How to Get Free Plane Wi-Fi

Last week, I flew back to Toronto to finally pack and load my belongings and move them over to Seattle. As I was flying back, I discovered that you could get free Boingo Wireless if you have an eligible Mastercard.

I signed up the night before my return flight and used it without any problems… though I must say the connection wasn’t the best (but it’ll do)!

Steps to Sign Up for Boingo

  1. Grab your Mastercard (have the # handy)
  2. Verify your eligibility here
  3. Create a Boingo account

Steps to Use on the Plane (WestJet)

  1. Connect to WestJet Connect Wi-Fi on your device
  2. Open the WestJet mobile app
  3. Go to the Inflight tab of the mobile app
  4. Click on “Connect Now” button
  5. Click on “Internet” option under Inflight Services menu
  6. Login via Boingo

Voila! You can now surf the web. You’re welcome 🙂

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