Day 3: What To Do When I Feel Overwhelmed

It’s one of those weeks… The one where you have deadlines piling on top of each other, a dozen different people that you need to follow up with, oh, and that #100DayChallenge that you just started 🙃

Not sure what I’m talking about?

If you’re a student, think “exam season” aka midterms, papers, and assignments that are somehow all due within the same week… at my university, we called it “hell week” 😈

If you’re an accountant, think “tax season” aka working till 2 in the morning eating Chinese takeout and sipping red bull like it’s the nectar of the gods 💸

If you’re a parent, it’s basically whenever the kids are home 🤷🏻‍♀️ and trust me, I know the feeling of this because I used to be a Summer Camp Instructor aka 8 hours of rowdy, sneaky, adorable children who have the energy of a lightning bolt ⚡️ At least, I got to say peace out after 8 hours… I really don’t know how you all do it for the rest of the time 🤯

How do I cope?

Fortunately (or not), I’ve faced many of these frazzling moments in my 24 years of life… So far, I’ve found 3 effective solutions:

Netflix 🍿 I will watch 15 minutes of my latest muse (K-Drama, Crime Series, Mystery Thriller, etc…) and get some perspective. I’ll realize that my problems could be way worse, and I could be trapped in a parallel universe with a 3 day death sentence unless I compete and win in kill-or-be-killed games with other trapped souls (e.g. Alice in Borderland).

Pet My Dog 🐩 My 13 year old granny Maltipoo, Apple, is definitely my best friend. When I get too frustrated or stressed out, I allow myself 5 minutes of rubbing her belly or petting her butt. I tell her why I’m stressed and she looks at me wondering when I’ll feed her… It’s a symbiotic relationship. Google (and science) also states that petting your dog reduces stress = good for your heath = we all win here 🙌

Sushi & Bubble Tea 🍣 🧋 There have been several *cough* many times that I’ve indulged in these two vices daily… for 5 days in a row… Needless to say, delicious food & drink make me happy. I think I’ll start a t-shirt business with the mantra “Keep Calm & Eat Sushi” or “Keep Calm & Drink Bubble Tea” (in the meantime, you can check out @yeeet.hay for my food memories).

Quote of the Day

The struggle is guaranteed… the success is not.


Thanks for following my #100DayChallenge series… The goal is to blog everyday for 100 days in a row. Through this series, I hope to share more about my personal life to complement the career content that I usually create.