Self Advocacy vs. Cockiness

What I’ve learned 

When I started my work term, I accomplished some pretty significant things. But not too many people knew about them because I didn’t want to brag about it (because it seemed kind of awkward)…

However, when my team lead found out, he told me that I should be sharing what I’ve done with others and informing managers about it because it will give them more visibility into my performance. He told me to talk about my accomplishments because if I did well in my role, then other people would see that and be more willing to give me more involved projects and assignments with greater responsibilities.

The least you need to know

When you do something awesome that adds value to your team, tell your supervisors and managers about it because your accomplishments are the team’s accomplishments. If it’s significant enough, it can get up to the senior managers, which is super cool when you are recognized for it. Obviously, this does not give you any reason to think of yourself as better than anyone else on the team and be a jerk about it. Stay humble.