You Need These 3 Items in Your Home Office

Like many of you at the start of the COVID-19 panic, I thought that remote work would be a temporary arrangement. 5 months later, I am glad that I purchased some fantastic products from Amazon! These products have made a huge difference in my WFH style, and I have come to enjoy remote work a lot more.

Here are 3 Amazon products under $30 that you need in your home office. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Amazon Item Review and Description
Gaiam Balance Disc

Do you want better posture?

The Gaiam Balance Disc is a necessity for anyone who wants to improve their posture while sitting in front of the computer all day (a.k.a. everyone reading this). Mimicking the act of sitting on an exercise ball, you can put this balance disk on any chair or flat surface and strengthen your core while sitting. The balance disc also comes with a needle to re-inflate it.

Personally, I felt that it worked out my legs more than my core. However, it definitely forced me to sit up straighter.
Although it may take some getting used to, I definitely recommend trying this out to help with your posture. It’s a great alternative for if you find that an exercise ball does not level out with the height of your desk (since you can place the balance disc on your chair which is adjustable).
Inflatable Foot Rest
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Do you want to be more comfortable?

The Inflatable Foot Rest is a godly creation that has been bestowed upon us. Ever since I tried it, I found that I couldn’t live without it! I enjoy stretching out my legs while working, and this is way better than putting my legs on another chair because it is soft, comfy, and just the right height.

Better yet, you don’t need an air pump (there are multiple types so make sure you choose the one without an external pump needed). You can simply push the air valve a few times to pump it up within a minute. It is also meant to be leak proof, so you shouldn’t need to pump it that often (if you do find that it leaks, they will send you a new one). Speaking of versatility, people also use this for travelling, so this is as useful in the office as it is out of it!
Dual Mode Connection Bluetooth Mouse

Do you want more convenience?

The Dual Mode Connection Bluetooth Mouse is super convenient for those who are lazy like me and want to easily switch between 2 different laptops with the same mouse. With the click of a button on the bottom of the mouse, I can go from working on my Surface Pro (work laptop) to browsing on my Macbook Pro (personal laptop) within seconds.

Never have I ever been so impressed by the seamless transition of my cursor… It’s also slim, lightweight, and ergonomic so my wrist and hand don’t really feel strained after an entire day of clicking around in those massive spreadsheets. Personally, I find that it is much smoother than the Microsoft Arc Mouse at a fraction of the price!

Hopefully, I have piqued your interest in trying out at least one of these products which are super affordable (under $30). Since Amazon has such a great return policy, why not try these out for a couple weeks and see how you like them? It could make a HUGE difference for you like it did for me.

Feel free to let me know what you think and share your favourite work from home items!