Amazon Prime Day is Over. What’s Next?

Don’t fret if you missed out on the deals from Prime Day last week! Today, I am sharing some great products and offers that you should definitely check out. Due to COVID-19, remote work continues in full force and there are always new products that you can buy to make your life more convenient. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you).

If you’re not an existing Prime member, you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days. When fast and free shipping changes your life like it did for mine, then you can subscribe for $7.99/ month or $79/year (CAD). Tip: Get everyone in your household (even your grandma) to opt into the free trial before you have to start paying for the subscription.

If you’re still in school, you can sign up for Prime Student, which gives you 6 months for free and 50% off afterwards (while you are a student). You will need proof of enrolment in the form of a transcript, current course schedule, tuition bill, or acceptance letter (click here for details).

If you need to order any USB charging cables for your iPhone or MacBook, I highly recommend using the AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon cable. These cables are much more durable and flexible than the plastic coated cables, which break or fray easily. These also come in many different lengths (I usually get 10ft). Ever since trying one out, I have converted all of my other charging cables into this type.

Want to prevent Carpal Tunnel or wrist strain? Try using a vertical mouse to reduce the pressure on your wrist. This Jelly Comb model is cheap and wirelessly connects to 3 different devices, which is very convenient. It is also a great size for those with smaller hands.

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is definitely more pricey, but has a lot of great functions and research to back it up. Since it is a bit more bulky, this particular model is better for those with bigger hands.

Perfect for those who are working from home, an ergonomic foot rest is great for if you have hardwood floors or want a bit of comfort for your feet. This one is lightweight and portable, and can also be flipped over for a rocking motion to stretch out your legs.

Do you always catch yourself slouching or hunching over? Try wearing a posture corrector at work and around the house. I use a slightly different model (not available on Amazon), but I have found that it does a good job of forcing me to straighten my back because I unconsciously slouch.

Before questioning why you would pay $65 for a pillow, remember that sleep is one of the most important activities for your health and wellness. This patented design has a hollow design to relieve head pressure and arc shape to adapt to your head and neck curve. As a side sleeper, I find it very comfortable and highly recommend that you give it a try.

As the holiday season steadily approaches us, make sure to get ahead of the crowd and check out the following gift guides for deals and promotions on electronics, beauty products, home essentials, and so much more:

Hope that you enjoyed my collection of affordable Amazon products! Go try them out (the return policy is very generous) and let me know what you think!