Out-Of-Office Alert Examples & Templates

You’re probably here because you read my 10 Tips For Setting Up Out-Of-Office Alerts Without Annoying Your Coworkers! blog post.

Here’s an example and templates for a useful OOF alert based on the dozens — if not hundreds — of out-of-office alerts I’ve witnessed… ranging from super unhelpful 🫠 to really entertaining 🤣 and even a few that were were actually useful 👏

Calendar Invite in Outlook – Deselect “Request Responses”

Calendar Invite in Outlook – Show as “FREE” and Turn off “REMINDER”

Automatic Email Reply to people within your organization (be specific)

Thanks for your email! I am currently [on vacation/out of office/on leave] and will return on [DATE (TIMEZONE)].

Please help me prioritize your email by following up upon my return. In the meantime, you can:

  • Visit [LINK] for more information about XX
  • Request support about [ABC] project at [LINK]
  • For any urgent inquiries, please contact [PROXY FULL NAME] at [CONTACT INFO]

Have a wonderful day!
Your Name

Automatic Email Reply to people outside your organization (be broad)

Thanks for your email! There will be a delayed response to your email since I am currently out of office. Please help me prioritize your email by following up when I am back on [DATE (TIMEZONE)].

Thanks for your patience!
Your Name

Hope this was helpful and please share this with your team so that we can all work better together 🌻

Stay tuned for more blog posts from “The Cool Coworker” series where I share some collaboration tips and tricks 😎 Thank you for reading.