#CollisionConf – Part 2/3

Welcome! Here is where I quickly recap my experience at the Collision Conference in Toronto from May 20-23, 2019 by sharing my Top 10 favourite quotes and takeaways with you. Check out Part 1.

The lack of women at the top is not a talent pipeline issue, it’s a network issue.

Betty Liu, Executive Vice Chairman of NYSE highlights that the “old boys club” still exists. Consciously or not, we promote and refer our own network of peers. It just so happens that women are not always within these networks, especially in certain industries. People are not reaching out of their networks to find women to fill important roles. This lack of visibility is a challenge that many women are trying to overcome and organizations need to be more proactive in making these opportunities for exposure more available.

Stay relevant. Don’t innovate your why… Innovate your how.

Salah Zalatimo, Chief Digital Officer of Forbes emphasizes that 102 years ago during the financial boom, Forbes became successful because of its ability to simplify the complex and make the topic of mutual funds easily understandable by the masses. Recently, Forbes has shifted its focus on topics and content over to a focus on its audience, identified to be C-Suite professionals. Going forward, Forbes will be restructuring and deploying information in deeper and richer ways. Zalatimo also discusses that you should always have a clear sense of your why and core purpose, which should not be changing. He advises you to always have one foot anchored in what you’re currently doing and the other foot searching around for the next step.

We don’t create more demand… we create more success.

Tobias Lutke, CEO of Shopify mentions that Shopify’s objective is not to create more demand for its product… but to create more success among its clients. By enabling clients to become more successful and grow faster, Shopify caused a chain reaction that ultimately benefited its e-commerce platform. Furthermore, Lutke thinks that the entire tech industry has hidden behind the word “tech” and that he does not feel like Shopify is a part of tech; rather it enables non-technical people to use technology.  As someone who grew up in an entrepreneurial family, Lutke believes that schools should do a better job of demystifying the process of entrepreneurship because most startups are not “tech” related, they are actually hair salons or plumbing services.

To be continued in Part 3…