Interview Improv

One of the most important ways to prepare for your interview is to practice! I understand that it is very nerve wracking to prepare in front of another person, but it is much better to make mistakes and receive feedback in a mock interview than during the real thing.

Think of the mock interview experience as a chance to put yourself in a similar level of discomfort and see what it is like so that you can be more self aware of your habits. You will also receive constructive feedback on some aspects that you can work on before your next interview.

Interview Improv Sessions

My friends have told me that my version of mock interviews are scary and intimidating… but they also ended up getting job offers (so I like to think my method is somewhat effective 😂). I try my best to simulate an actual interview, so you can expect tailored questions in additional to general behavioural questions.

To date, I am grateful to my friends, mentors, and advisors for helping me prepare for my former interviews. I am happy to help if you’d like some support on preparing for your next interview.

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5 minsMeet & Greet
20 minsMock Interview
5 minsFeedback