Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Study Resources

Thank you to everyone who has shared and recommended the plethora of methods and resources to study for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam. With limited knowledge of the “cloud”, I definitely learned a lot of new concepts and capabilities through this experience.

Here is my collection of public resources that I used to study and pass (excluding internal employee resources):

TestPrepTraining Practice Questions (YouTube)20+ practice questions with answers explained
Tim Warner’s Study Guide In-depth YouTube videos on the different products, features, and concepts
O’Reilly Video Course Series with Jim CheshireBite sized video lessons that touch on all of the core concepts for AZ-900 exam modules
IT Pro TV Azure Blueprints YouTube video that explains Azure Blueprints in terms of Lego blocks for non-technical people
LinkedIn Exam Prep with Sharon BennettLinkedIn video series that gives an overview of different topics to learn for AZ-900 exam
Azure Fundamentals Learning PathMix of text and video lessons that cover all of the core concepts for the AZ-900 exam modules + knowledge check questions descriptions and videos to enhance understanding of Event Grid, IoT Central, etc…

Best of luck in your studying and fundamentals certification!

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