If You’re Not Making Time, You’re Making Excuses

How I lived My Past Year

  • Co-op internship: Full-time work 8AM-5PM from Monday to Friday
  • 2 Executive positions
    • President, International Business Students’ Association (IBSA) (200+ hours)
    • Vice President of Corporate Relations/Business Development, AIESEC Calgary (400+ hours)
    • This meant regular executive meetings after work and on the weekends and AIESEC Conferences during the holidays (Thanksgiving, New Years, etc…)
  • Social Life
    • 4-5 times per week for sushi/movies/shopping and more to catch up with friends, family, mentors, etc…
  • Alone Time & Sleep
    • 8+ hours of sleep per night
    • 2+ hours dedicated to Korean Dramas or Netflix per week
  • Side Job
    • I have been very lucky that my workplace has flexible shifts that I can volunteer for occasionally when I am less busy

People always ask me how I have time to do the many million things I do without compromising my performance or sleep… 

It’s pretty simple, I just make time for it.  The one thing that I am most aware of is that if I don’t make time for something, it’s never going to be done because I will forget about it or I will end up doing something else. I look at everything in my life as a deliverable that needs to be done by a certain date and time. Every deliverable gets put into my calendar and reserves a time slot for as long as I think I will need to complete it (ex: 30 minutes, 1 hour, all day, etc…)

I also make sure that I give myself earlier deadlines because I know life is not perfect and spontaneous situations will pop up and hinder my deliverable timelines. If something is due on a particular day, I give myself the deadline to hand something in a week or the weekend before. This gives me buffer time for when my friends spontaneously ask me to go out for a drink and I don’t have to say no because “I have something due the next day”

When it comes to sleep, I always do a mental countdown before going to bed to see how many hours of sleep I will get in the night. If I know that I have something early the next morning, I try to go to sleep around 10PM. If I have evening plans, then I know I can spare a few late night hours for some Korean Dramas or Netflix!

As for my extracurricular activities, I thank my iPhone and awesome 4GB data plan which allow me to work on-the-go when I am on the bus to and from work and other places. I also have an iPad Mini + Keyboard that I bring with me to meetings instead of my Macbook.

I definitely think that not taking any classes in the past year has been a plus. But, I apply the same concepts above when I am in school as well (exception: I go out a little bit less since I lack that disposable income).

The Least You Need to Know:

  1. Make time or make excuses (later on)
  2. Your calendar (or to-do list) is your best friend
  3. Do yourself a favour and set earlier deadlines (3-5 days in advance)

Master this mindset to become reliable 99% of the time.




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A career oriented millennial who is passionate about sharing my learnings with other students and early-in-careers who are interested in personal and professional development 💡 kkarenism.com/subscribe

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